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News Release

Original 1890s Treasurer's safe comes home at ribbon-cutting ceremony of remodeled Treasurer's lobby

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Apr 11, 2017

Contact Information:

Larimer County Treasurer Irene Josey, [970] 498-7027

Larimer County Treasurer Irene Josey [L] and former Treasurer Myrna Rodgenberger [R] next to the 1890s safe

When Ft. Collins Realtor Sean Dougherty was touring a home for sale in March, 2016, he looked twice at what he saw. It was a very old safe, built into a wall with the words “Larimer County Treasurers Office” painted on top.

He took a picture and sent it to the current Larimer County Treasurer, Irene Josey. After researching the safe, Josey discovered that it was made in the 1890s and was the first safe used in the original 1887 Larimer County Courthouse. The safe has a built-in mechanical time clock, which were more common on large walk-in bank vaults in those days.
Josey knew this piece of Larimer County history had to come home. But getting the safe back to the courthouse proved to be very expensive, and Josey felt it was inappropriate to use taxpayer money for such a task, since the Mosler Safe weighs 2,500 lbs. After talking with Mark Driscoll, President of First National Bank, they agreed it would be a shame not to have this piece of history back at the Larimer County Courthouse, so the First National Bank donated the funds to move the safe back home.
The safe and a wall of historic Larimer County photos professionally framed by John Clarke Photography complete a remodeling of the Treasurer’s Office lobby, designed to improve in-person transactions for citizens.  The Treasurer’s Office hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to celebrate the new lobby. The lobby has been made larger, easier to navigate and allows more daylight.
The safe was in use until 1964 until it was replaced with a newer safe, which Larimer County is still using. The old safe sat gathering dust until Larimer County decided to give it away in 1977. In her research, Josey located the wife of the man who got the safe in 1977.
Ms. Gloria Beyer, formally known as Gloria Mosness, who presently lives in Arkansas was eager to share the story.  According to Ms. Beyer, her former husband, Ken Mosness was then Superintendent of the Larimer County Roads Department. Mosness was mesmerized by the safe and its history. He took possession of the safe and used a front loader to scoop up the safe to move it to their home in Skywood Estates, where it stayed until 2016.
It saw children and grandchildren grow and families move in and out. An addition was also built around it, called the “freezer room” where a freezer kept the safe company for years. This safe has seen a lot of history, and heard many conversations. Just imagine the stories it could tell. 
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