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Horsetooth Mountain Park Management Plan

map of Horsetooth Mountain Park

The Horsetooth Mountain Park Management Plan has Been Adopted!

The Horsetooth Mountain Park Resource Conservation and Visitor Experience Management Plan was adopted by Larimer County Parks and Open Lands Department on May 9, 2006.

Larimer County Parks and Open Lands Department formed a planning team to update the resource management plan for Horsetooth Mountain Park. The team was made up of Larimer County staff and consultants from EDAW, a landscape architecture and environmental planning firm with an office in Fort Collins, CO.

Extensive public and agency involvement was utilized to ensure full representation of those parties interested in Horsetooth Mountain Park.

Two public meetings were conducted to hear issues and concerns from the public. The first meeting introduced the management planning process, reviewed existing conditions and identified public recommendations and concerns regarding the Park. The second public meeting was an open house to present the preliminary management plan alternatives. These meetings were advertised with press releases and individual invitations to Park neighbors, public agencies and organized visitor groups. A third meeting was held with leaders of organized user groups to discuss management plan alternatives. A summary of public meeting outcomes can be found at the end of appendix A in the management plan.

Stakeholder interviews were conducted with Park neighbors and organized visitor groups. The purpose of these interviews was to seek the opinions of key stakeholders that have a particular interest in the Park, or have significant knowledge of Park resource or visitation. A summary of stakeholder comments can be found at the end of appendix A.

Three Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings were held with public agencies and scientists that have an interest in the management of the Park's resources and visitor experiences. These meetings served to review important aspects of the Park and review management alternatives and evaluate potential natural and cultural resource impacts. The agencies and scientists are important to the long-term conservation of the Park.

Special thanks to the technical advisory committee and the public for their participation, interest and feedback in the development of the plan for Horsetooth Mountain Park. This plan is the compilation of previous management plans, studies, and contributions of all those who participated in the process. Every person that has worked over the years to conserve the Park, as well as the tax payers who funded the original purchase of the land, deserve a great deal of credit. Thank you!

The plan can be downloaded from this webpage, or can be printed at the Kinkos on Harmony Road Fort Collins, Colorado (Tel: 970-223-3915). A full color bound copy of the document costs about $70 and a black and white copy costs about $35.

Download the Final Management Plan:

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