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  • Regulation Changes Under Consideration
    • Proposed Revisions to Larimer County Land Use Code 4.2.2 (Floodplain Regulations)
    • At the request of local residents, Larimer County is considering changes to the Larimer County Land Use Code - Section 4.2.2 (Floodplain Regulations) that could potentially allow rebuilding or remodeling a Substantially Damaged structure in the regulatory Floodway Overlay Zone if certain criteria are met.

      Currently, the proposed criteria include:

      • additional freeboard (24 inches total)
      • mitigation of erosion or stream instability
      • not within a product corridor [depth (ft) x velocity (ft/sec)] greater than 8
      • must meet all other federal, state and local floodplain regulations
      • should follow guidance from standard engineering practices within FEMA documents

      The proposed revisions were presented to the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners during a joint work session in January. The proposed revisions will be presented to the Planning Commission for a formal recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners during a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 15 at 6:30 pm in the Commissioners Hearing Room at 200 W. Oak St. in Fort Collins.

  • Floodplain Mapping Studies Currently on the Way

Floodplain Overlay Zone

Larimer County joined the National Flood Insurance Program in 1974 and has been active in floodplain management since that time. Floodplains are regulated as an overlay zone in Larimer County. The floodplain regulations and the floodplain maps provide the foundation for Larimer County's Floodplain Management Program.

Current Floodplain Maps

The links to the maps below can be used to determine the limits of the regulatory floodplains in Larimer County. The Larimer County Engineering Department can also be contacted to determine if a property is within a FEMA or locally designated floodplain. It should be noted that there are many areas in Larimer County that are not shown within a regulated floodplain and have undetermined flood hazards. A property can still be at risk of flooding even if the property is not shown in a regulatory floodplain.

Stream Crossing Guidance

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