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Department Director
Lori R. Hodges
Work: 970-498-7147
Cell: 303-656-3214
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Management Staff

Joel Max, Emergency Management Coordinator
(970) 498-7146
cell: (970) 556-1279
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Justin Whitesell
Emergency Operations Manager
(970) 498-5310
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Emergency and Disaster Recovery

Larimer County is not immune to large-scale emergencies and disasters. Each year, our community faces a variety of hazards, from hazardous materials incidents on roadways to natural incidents such as floods and wildfires. Larimer County Office of Emergency Management is tasked with the ongoing recovery from the large incidents in 2012 and 2013 as well as building a program for recovery for the future, ensuring we capture lessons learned and implement best practices in the future.

Ongoing Recovery Activities

Most Recent Updates On: 2012 Fire | 2013 Flooding

Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study

Even with all of the current programs underway and scheduled projects in the future, we realize that communities may have unmet needs that have yet to be captured. Perhaps there is no current funding program available for an individual's needs, or perhaps the property had no access when initial assessments were completed. For this reason, the county staff spoke with the Commissioners about conducting a comprehensive study to capture remaining unmet needs from the fires and flood. Additionally, the county is looking at studying those things that contribute to community fragility during and after a disaster so that we may be able to make improvements before the next disaster. This fragility study will include areas such as lifelines (energy grid, communications infrastructure), emergency management partnerships, social capital, and mitigation opportunities. The two study areas will provide the county with a solid roadmap for the future.

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