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Procedure for Research Requests

Procedure for Requests for Parcel Research And/or On-Site Inspection

Code Compliance staff are available to conduct research of parcels upon written request to determine if there are outstanding Land Use and/or Building Code issues connected with a parcel.

Property records are automatically researched at the time one applies for a land-use application to determine whether any code violations exist. If code violations are found to exist, the applicant is notified. Code violations are pursued by Code Compliance staff pursuant to the priority rating assigned. Only those code violations having a direct bearing on the land-use application could potentially delay the land-use application process. Building permit applications may be delayed if there is a land use code violation that could preclude the granting of a building permit.

When an owner, prospective buyer, realtor or other interested party requests a report and/or on-site inspection of property to determine if the property is in compliance with Land Use Code and/or Building Code regulations, the following steps are taken by Code Compliance staff:

  • Receive written request for parcel research and/or on-site inspection.
  • Staff will advise non-owners making the request that the owner will be notified in writing of the research/on-site inspection results if there are outstanding issues revealed during the research/inspection process. A note to this effect appears on the request form.
  • If an on-site inspection is requested by someone other than the owner, staff will notify the owner by phone or letter that the inspection has been requested, asking for the owner's permission to conduct the on-site inspection. Staff will not conduct an on-site inspection if the owner does not consent to the inspection unless life-safety issues are discovered during the research process. If it is determined life-safety issues may be involved, staff will pursue an inspection warrant through the court system if the owner does not voluntarily allow an on-site inspection. For non-life safety issues, staff will pursue these cases per the assigned Code Compliance priority rating.
  • Staff will conduct the research and/or inspection as stated above. Research of property records for code violations is conducted for the period 1/1/1988 to the present. Records previous to 1988 will be researched only upon request to do so.
  • If no outstanding issues are revealed during the research/inspection process, the requester will be so advised.
  • Staff will prepare a written report of the findings from the research and/or on-site inspection if outstanding issues are revealed during the research/inspection process. The original report will remain on file, with copies mailed to the owner and the requester.
  • All information contained in staff reports are public record. If additional requests for parcel research are received by staff, copies of the staff report will be provided to all requesters at a cost of $1.00 per page.
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