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Rules and Tips on Permit Fast Track

  • Inspections must be confirmed by 8:00 AM to receive them the same business day. Calls or internet requests started before 8:00 AM, but not confirmed will likely make the confirmation for the following business day. You are advised to review your scheduled inspections prior to exiting Permit Fast Track.
  • Rescheduling and canceling of inspections must also be confirmed by 8:00 AM that business day. Those inspections rescheduled or canceled and confirmed by 8:00 AM, will be honored through our system. Any rescheduling or canceling of inspections after 8:00 AM must be done via the office and these are not guaranteed.
  • Whether using the internet or phone, you must wait for the inspection confirmation. A text message on the internet will appear that your inspection has been scheduled successfully. If using the phone, after pressing 1 to confirm, you must wait to receive the voice message that your inspection was confirmed. Exiting too early from either system will result in failure to receive your inspection request.
  • AM and PM requests are granted only for the following inspection types: Setback, Footing, Foundation, Underground Plumbing, and Miscellaneous permits (permits with the letter M). The AM/PM drop down box does not work on any other type of inspection. Even if you use one of the selections, unless the inspection is listed above, the request for AM or PM will not be honored.
  • Miscellaneous permits (permits with the letter M) receive a Building Final inspection. We do not have a specific inspection type for each miscellaneous permit. Whether you have a furnace, water heater, or siding permit, you will need to schedule the inspection for Building Final.
  • The County DOES NOT give times for inspections. Due to the heavy volume of inspections and the amount of area to cover, the County can not provide a time nor can a time be requested.
  • When scheduling inspections, you must schedule each inspection separately. For example, if you have Framing and Heating & Vent, you must schedule them in two different inspection requests.
  • If you do not find the inspection type you need, please call 498-7700. Inspections are programmed based upon your application. The application may not have included all the necessary information to obtain all inspection types.
  • Comments on inspection results and plan check approvals are limited in character space. If your comments appear to cut off mid sentence, please call 498-7700 to speak with a Permit Technician to obtain complete result information.
  • In the event Permit Fast Track is down, a hotline number for the system has been created. Please use 498-7700 in the event of system problems or maintenance.

Training on how to use the Permit Fast Track system by internet and phone is available from staff. Please see the Building Department Office Supervisor or Building Permit Technicians.

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