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Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 750   Event: Timberline Church Baptisms
Application Date: 08/13/2013    Event Date: 07/19/2014
Organization: Timberline Church   Phone: 970-402-7496
Address: 2908 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins CO 80525
Contact 1 Name: Lyndsey Hertz
Address: 2908 S Timberline Rd
Fort Collins CO 80525
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name: Brent Cunningham
Address: 2908 S Timberline Rd
Fort Collins CO 80525
Email: Send email

Event Information

Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Type of Event: Other
Horsetooth Reservoir

This event will be held at the swim beach - approximately 90 people being baptized. There will also be people there to encourage and watch family and friends being baptized.

We will need the pavilion and tables for check-in and registration as well as a reprieve from the heat and sun. We will have volunteers who will assist with any cleanup or disposal of trash and water bottles at the completion of the event.

Participants will pay for their parking.

Estimated Participants: 90   Estimated Spectators: 90
   Sat. 07/19/2014: 8 AM - 1 PM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 08/13/2013
Requesting South Bay Swim Beach

2. Date Submitted: 01/14/2014
In regards to the Timberline Church Baptism, scheduled for July 19, 2014, I am uploading the certificate of insurance as well as the participant waiver as requested by Risk Management.

I sent an email directly to Sergeant Clancy of the Larimer County Sheriff in regards to our safety officer contact information that he requested. I've also emailed Parks & Open Lands the information requested by them - clarifying we would like the South Bay Swim Beach which I also see is already on the form.

Please let me know what else is needed in regards to this request so that I can confirm final approval. I appreciate your assistance with this.

Lyndsey Hertz
Timberline Church

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Citizen Information Coordinator regarding this application.


Status: Approved

Comments: Please be sure that an emergency communications plan is available, and that staff and volunteers are familiar with its content.

Doug Ryan
Larimer County Department of Health & Environment
970 498-6777


Email Health

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved

Comments: 8/13/13 Application has been forwarded to Area Manager for review. Please clarify whether you are requesting Sunrise swim beach or South Bay swim beach.
4/2/13 Fee worksheet prepared.

6-2-14 Application approved. Thank you!

Email Parks & Open Lands

Poudre Fire Authority

Status: Approved

Comments: PFA has no restrictions for this event

Email Poudre Fire Authority

Risk Management

Status: Approved


Email Risk Management


Status: Approved

Comments: Please provide an Emergency Communications Plan which outlines how medical/fire/law enforcement will be contacted, if necessary. Also, please provide the name and cell phone number of a safety officer. This person will be responsible for ensuring that medical/fire/law enforcement are notified in the event of an emergency. This person should be available during the entire event in case we need to reach someone at the event.

Thank you,
Mark Clancy
Larimer County sheriff's Office

Email Sheriff

Final Disposition


Please print your permit and have it available on event day. :-)

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