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Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 691   Event: Homeless Gear - Hand Up Fundraiser
Application Date: 03/27/2013    Event Date: 06/08/2013
Contact 1 Name: Randy and Sheryl Pope
Address: 3924 Bingham Hill Road
Ft. Collins CO 80521
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name:


Event Information

Permit Type(s): Private Land
3924 Bingham Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80521

The event is a charitable fundraising event for Homeless Gear with approximately 300 people attending. The event is being hosted and donated by Randy and Sheryl Pope as supporters of Homeless Gear, an organization that the Pope's regularly contribute goods and services to.

The event is sponsored by the Stryker Foundation and New Belgium Brewery and others. All traffic will access the property via Bingham Hill Road.

Water is provided to property by the City of Fort Collins. The number of volunteers helping with the event is +/- 30. There are 6 permanent toilets available and as many as necessary portable toilets will be rented for the event. Solid waste will be disposed of in a dumpster that is currently located on the premises.

Security for the event will be provided by an off duty officer of the Larimer County Sheriffs Department who will be on the premises for the duration of the event. Poudre Fire Authority will be notified of the event. Proper dust mitigation will be provided by the hosts of the event.

The event will be catered by a company that is yet to be determined by the event organizers. All food will be served from the County Health Department approved kitchen located on the premises. New Belgium Brewery will provide beer for the event.

The existing parking lot on the premises contains 62 spaces including two that are assigned for the handicapped. Parking for an additional 40 vehicles is available on the premises in several places. Additional overflow parking that can accommodate an additional 40-50 vehicles will be made available by the owners of the adjacent property...a letter of permission is attached. None of the parking will impede emergency vehicles.

There will be no impact on the subject land nor is it anticipated that the surrounding properties will be affected. Previously, there have been fencing and other steps taken to mitigate any outdoor sound. however, the majority of the event will take place indoors in a facility that is sprinkled and designed to accommodate in excess of 300 guests, not including the use of the private residence of the hosting party

A site plan of the area, containing all of the requested information, is included with this application. Minimal signage will be provided the day of the event by the organizers of the event.

Estimated Participants: 300   Estimated Spectators: 0
   Sat. 06/08/2013: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 03/28/2013
updated site plan

2. Date Submitted: 03/28/2013
Letter for permission to use property has been added.

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Citizen Information Coordinator regarding this application.


Status: Approved

Comments: The applicant states: the majority of the event will take place indoors in a facility that is sprinkled and designed to accommodate in excess of 300 guests, not including the use of the private residence of the hosting party.

This information is not correct. Applicant has a permit to install fire sprinklers in the building in question, but this work has not been completed or passed final inspection by Poudre Fire. Until Poudre Fire approves final sprinkler inspection and increases the occupant load accordingly, the gymnasium/kitchen/bathroom addition to the residence is limited to an occupant load of 99 people under county building permit 10-B0522.

This approval is contingent upon limiting occupancy of the gymnasium to the maximum number allowed by Poudre Fire at the time of the event. That limit right now is 99 persons.

Email Building

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Status: Approved


Email Colorado Division of Wildlife

County Manager

Status: Approved

Comments: This Special Event Permit is similar to other one-time events approved elsewhere in the County. It is unrelated to the Special Review approval on the property for a Community Hall use. The application is conditonally approved with the following conditions.

1. Neighbors shall be notified of the Special Event so as to clarify the distinction between this one-time, non-for-profit event and business uses associated with the Special Review approval on the same property.

2. Arrangements made with the the Sheriff's office for security at the event shall be implemented.

3. Any use of structures with a commercial occupany shall satisfy fire safety requirements established by the Poudre Fire Authority.

Email County Manager


Status: Approved

Comments: The Larimer County Department of Health & Environment is available to consult on food safety for the event, and on licensing provisions for vendors involving any catered food service. Information is available on our website at

I recommend that neighbors be notified in advance of the event so that they can understand the distinction between this fundraiser and the business events conducted under the business that operates at this address.

Doug Ryan
Larimer County Department of Health and Environment
(970) 498-6777


Email Health

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved

Comments: 4/2/13: This event does not affect any of our parks or open spaces.

Email Parks & Open Lands


Status: Approved


Email Planning

Poudre Fire Authority

Status: Approved

Comments: Emergency Access:
An emergency access path of no less that 20’ wide shall be maintained free and clear of all immovable objects on streets and fire apparatus access roads at all times during the event. Road blocks may be placed on public streets to prevent traffic from crossing, but cannot block emergency travel. If road blocks are used ensure staff is available to remove barricade should emergency travel be necessary. (2006 IFC, 503.1).
Tent Permits:
Any tent or air supported membrane structure greater than 400 square feet requires a tent permit. Any canopy over 800 square feet also requires this permit. The application for a tent permit can be found at under the permits tab.
Vendor Requirements:
All vendors must comply with the regulations set forth by the Poudre Fire Authority policy 1B-85-102. This policy has been attached to this email and should be distributed to the vendors at the event.
This permit is approved based on the installation and approval of the fire supression system by Poudre Fire Authority. The Occupant Load must be maintained at the number that is established once the supression system is approved. This permit will be revoked if the supression system and a new Occupant load has not been established prior to the date of the event.
5-3-2013 A temporary Certificate of Occupancy was granted by the Building Dept and PFA. With this TCO the Occupant Load signs was also granted giving them approval from the PFA for the event.

Email Poudre Fire Authority

Poudre Valley Hospital

Status: Approved


Email Poudre Valley Hospital

Risk Management

Status: Approved

Comments: no risk mgt requirements....private land.

Email Risk Management


Status: Approved

Comments: Please contact Carol Downing as soon as possible. Your permit will not be approved prior to securing sheriff's office personnel.

Email Sheriff

Final Disposition


Hi Randy and Sheryl,

Congratulations! Your special event permit application for Homeless Gear - Hand Up Fundraiser has been approved.
Please print a copy of the permit and have it available the day of your event.


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