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Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 678   Event: Rock Wren Nest Monitoring
Application Date: 03/01/2013    Event Date: 04/01/2013   Thru: 10/01/2013
Organization: University of Northern Colorado   Phone: 970-351-2921
Address: Ross Hall, Campus Box 92, School of Biology- Greeley, CO 80639
Contact 1 Name: Nat Warning
Address: 1640 Remington Street
Fort Collins CO 80525
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name: Lauryn Benedict
Address: Ross Hall, Campus Box 92, School of Biology
Greeley CO 80639
Email: Send email

Event Information

Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Type of Event: Research
Devil's Backbone Open Space,Eagle's Nest Open Space,Horsetooth Reservoir,Horsetooth Mountain Open Space,Red Mountain Open Space,Other Larimer County Open Spaces

The purpose of my research will be to locate and monitor rock wren nests located on Larimer County Open Space properties from April through October during the 2013 breeding season. Through my research activities in 2012 I have already identified numerous established rock wren territories on Larimer County lands, including 12 specific nesting locations where monitoring can begin. Monitoring will take place both by physically observing rock wren nests, and by using motion-activated field cameras in order to capture images of nest-building behaviors. Nest monitoring will help us to better understand rock wren nesting behaviors, nest placement, nest predation, and overall nesting success rates. Research results will be shared with the Larimer County Natural Resources Department, and could be used to help guide decisions regarding land management and conservation of specific land areas.
We will strive to minimally impact breeding rock wrens with this research, especially during active nesting periods. We would remain on trails whenever possible, but may have to leave the trail when necessary, and would plan to wear yellow researcher vests at these times, and cause minimum impacts to vegetation. At Red Mountain Open Space, we would not leave the designated trails. We would avoid the County Open Spaces on weekends, holidays, and during times of peak recreational use.

Estimated Participants: 2   Estimated Spectators: 0
   Mon. 04/01/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 04/08/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 04/15/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 04/22/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 04/29/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 05/06/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM
   Mon. 05/13/2013: 7:00 AM - 13:00 PM


Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Citizen Information Coordinator regarding this application.

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved

Comments: 3/4/13: Application has been forwarded to area manager for review.
3/8/13: Fee Worksheet was emailed to you today. Your event is approved by our department upon receipt of signed worksheet and payment in full.
3/15/13: signed worksheet and payment received. Thank you

Email Parks & Open Lands

Risk Management

Status: Approved

Comments: this certificate of insurance is good through 7/1/13.

when it approaches 7/1/13 (late June) be sure to send me a renewed copy of this certificate that will carry you through the fall.

thank you

Email Risk Management

Final Disposition


Good Morning Nat,

Congratulations! Your application for the Rock Wren Nest Monitoring has been approved. Please print the permits and have them available the days of your event.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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