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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the landfill accept mattresses?
We accept mattresses for DISPOSAL, but if you would like to recycle your mattress, here are some local options.

Do you give away free paint?
Yes, visit the Hazardous Waste Drop 'N' Swap page for more info.

Can I take some items I saw in the landfill?
No. Salvaging is not allowed at the landfill.

I lost something in the landfill, can I come and look for it?
No. For safety reasons we cannot have the public searching through trash. Most trash is buried or compacted within 30 minutes.

Can I bring furniture?
Yes. It is charged by the cubic yard trash fee like regular waste.

Can I bring branches and yard waste?
Yes. Yard debris must be six foot or shorter and is charged and handled like regular waste. It goes in the landfill. Local composting yards are perhaps an alternative to disposal.

How much will my trash cost?
Measure your trash (not the container) in feet. Plug these dimensions into our fee calculator to approximate the cost.

Do I have to cover my load?
Yes, we will charge untarped loads double. Items in enclosed trailers, camper shells, and inside your vehicle are also considered to be covered.

What do I do with my old electronics?
Electronics must be recycled per new state regulation effective July 1, 2013. This program accepts credit cards and cash (no checks) and is operated by Waste Management inside the landfill. See Electronic Recycling for more information.

Do you take water heaters?
Yes. They are charged like regular waste. Use our fee calculator to approximate the cost.

Do you accept refrigerators?
Refrigerators and cooling appliances once having or currently containing freon are accepted and charged a flat $26 fee each no matter the size. They are deposited in the landfill near the trash dumping area.

Can I dump carpet?
Carpet and padding are not recycled. They are charged $6.05 per cubic yard and accepted into the waste dumping area with other trash.

Does the landfill accept dead animals?
Yes, we accept dead animals, for $13 per every 100lbs with $13 minimum fee. Please note that the animals are disposed of in the regular trash area per CDPHE regulations.

What are your hours?
They vary by department. Visit the appropriate department page for more information.

Are you closed due to the weather?
This information is updated as conditions change and is always available by calling (970) 498-5770. Press 1, pause, and press 1 again. You can also
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