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Patrol Deputy

You must be a high school graduate (or equivalent), 21 years of age, Colorado Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) certified, a legal U.S. resident, have current first aid and CPR certificates. Shift work is required. If you will be graduating from a state-certified law enforcement academy within 60 days of job posting, you must provide a letter from your academy director. This letter must include:

  1. An indication that you are in good standing.
  2. The date you will be taking your Colorado POST certification test.
  3. Your date of graduation. You must be conditionally certified by hire date.

Patrol Deputies must meet the physical requirements that the position demands. Agility, eyesight, strength, and endurance are some of the requirements the Sheriff's Office evaluates.

In addition to these minimum requirements, a Patrol Deputy must be able to: Effect arrests, prepare investigative and other reports, operate a law enforcement vehicle in various driving conditions, perform under stressful conditions, have good communication skills, perform various emergency and rescue functions, read and comprehend legal and non legal documents, and other related duties as required by the position.

Applicants must have knowledge of law enforcement principles, Colorado law, a variety of provisions in criminal and civil law procedures, a variety of patrol, investigation and crime prevention techniques, and operation and care of firearms.

We are looking for applicants with the ability to act quickly in a variety of situations, the ability to learn, communicate, observe and use proper judgment. In addition, it is important that applicants be able to understand and carry out orders, and maintain good work relationships.

NOTE: For Patrol Deputy positions:

Candidates are placed on probation for one year from date of hire.
Candidates must pass a 10 to 12 week Field Training Program
Candidates must pass a Department Skills requirement test, including firearms, driving and self-defense
FTO Program (10 - 12 weeks)
Skills Test

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