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Larimer County covers approximately 2,650 square miles, from the Wyoming border on the north, to one mile beyond Interstate 25 on the east, to the town of Berthoud on the south, and west to the Continental Divide. Larimer County is topographically diverse, with mountainous as well as plains areas. The county has both rural and urban areas. Larimer County includes the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland; the towns of Estes Park; Wellington, LaPorte, Red Feather Lakes, Berthoud, and many smaller communities. A large portion of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Roosevelt National Forest and Arapaho National Forest are also within Larimer County's boundaries.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently the largest single agency in Larimer County government. The Agency performs most of the peace keeping and emergency services for the unincorporated sections of Larimer County, and maintains the only detention center in the county. The Sheriff's Office currently employs over 430 people in  over 50 different job classifications.

Application Information

To apply for a position with Larimer County, please visit Only online applications are accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 970-498-5992.

Applications for ALL positions are accepted only after an opening has been posted. Applications for Patrol Deputy, Detention Deputy, Emergency Communications Operator and Detention Services Officer are NO LONGER accepted on an on-going basis. For more information, call (970) 498-5550.

All applicants must go through a pre-employment evaluation process. Each position has many specific requirements in addition to the general ones listed below. After an application is turned in, the applicant may be required to:

  • Pass a written test: Written tests are based on specified job criteria.
  • Perform a simulator test ( Emergency Operator and Civilian Detention Service Officer  positions only): Applicants must take a simulator test to ensure they are capable of working in a dispatch/control room environment.
  • Pass an integrity interview: The integrity interview determines the honesty, integrity, and truthfulness of the applicant. Interviewers are trained to recognize deceptive behaviors. There are specific criteria that must be met for an applicant to be eligible for hire.
  • Pass an oral board interview: An interview board performs the interviews. Each applicant is asked six pre-established questions and scored according to anchored answers. They are also scored on attitude and bearing, communication skills, understanding of the position applied for, and experience and training. The oral board score and written test score are combined to determine placement on the eligibility list.
  • Pass a polygraph examination (For sworn and other selected positions).
  • Candidates for all Deputy positions must successfully complete the LCSO Physical Fitness Agility Test. Requirements for the test are as follows:
    • 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes 54 seconds or less
    • 300 meter sprint in 66 seconds or less
    • Push-ups - 25 or more in one minute
    • Sit-ups - 30 or more in one minute

After passing the above requirements, an applicant is placed on the eligibility list. When a vacancy occurs, the applicant then must:

  • Complete a personal history statement: This statement, along with credit report and criminal history are reviewed by a trained background investigator.
  • Pass a thorough background investigation: All background investigations are performed by trained background investigators. This process takes between two and three weeks.
  • Pass a psychological evaluation: All candidates for sworn positions (and other selected positions) must take a written psychological evaluation.
  • Pass a medical exam and drug test: All candidates are required to take a medical exam and drug test at Sheriff's Office expense. Candidates who require a CDL license for employment must take required Department of Transportation tests.
  • Final offer of employment: After all testing is successfully completed, a final offer for employment may be made.

The written tests take two to three hours to complete, and results are available two weeks after completion. Applicants who do not pass this test cannot continue with the evaluation. Testing is generally done after business hours at the Sheriff's Office Administration Building.

The integrity interview and oral board are usually given at a later time. They are held at the Headquarters Building or Detention Center and take about one hour. The polygraph exam is given on a scheduled basis and takes 2-3 hours.

Note: Drug testing will be performed at the medical evaluation.

Salary Information

Merit increases are awarded to Sheriff's Office employees as determined and approved by the Board of County Commissioners and Larimer County Human Resources. Merit increases are granted in accordance with provisions set forth in LCHR policy 331.5 (Wages and Salaries).

Employees earn sick and vacation time per LCHR policy 331.6.

Employees are enrolled in the mandatory retirement plan per LCHR policy 701.

The county offers medical and dental insurance for employees and qualified dependents at reasonable rates. Additional optional coverage includes: life, vision, disability, and others.

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