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The Rural Land Use Process (RLUP) is a process that was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on December 16, 1996. Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the nation and it is important to preserve our open spaces, clean air, and healthy environment. The RLUP can help do this by providing a voluntary alternative to 35-acre (14 hectare) use-by-right development or the existing subdivision process. As an incentive for careful planning, landowners may be able to increase the number of residential home sites over what they could have if they divided their land into 35-acre parcels but not as many as allowed under current zoning using the existing subdivision process.

In April 2000, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a new section for the Rural Land Use Process called the Administrative Process. This section was adopted in response to criticism that the process was too slow. The administrative process limits the number of total buildable lots, does not require a neighborhood meeting and limits the number of referral agencies that review the project. Because of these limitations, the time it takes to get to a hearing before the Board of County Commissioners is shortened compared to the normal process.

The RLUP is designed to:

  • preserve open space and valuable agricultural lands;
  • preserve scenic rural landscapes through sensitive design of roads, structures, and fences;
  • preserve important wetland and riparian areas, critical wildlife habitats; and
  • reduce environmental impacts by minimizing tree, vegetation, and soil disturbance.

    Scheduled Hearings to Take Place

No public meetings are scheduled at this time.

Because of the way RLUP works, changes may occur to these plans before or after the community meetings. We want to hear from neighbors and other community members before final recommendations are presented to the Commissioners, since they make the final decisions regarding all RLUP projects. If you want to find out more about these projects or the Rural Land Use Process, please call 498-7686. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

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