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A setback is the distance that a building or structure is set back from another feature, such as roads, streams or rivers, and property lines. Setbacks improve safety, allow space for drainage and utilities, reduce impacts from noise, preserve/improve aesthetics, and provide space for screening and landscaping from adjacent lots.

Setbacks vary by zoning district and by the natural features that may be located on or near a property. A setback can be measured from a lot line, property boundary, the edge of a traveled way, street or road, the right-of-way centerline, the edge of the road easement, or from a waterway centerline. A variance process is available if the proposed setback for a building is different from a required setback.

Setback information provided online is general in nature. Specific properties may have different requirements than those noted by zoning district. Please contact the Planning Department to verify setbacks for specific properties.

Property owners and citizens are strongly advised to contact the County Planning Department for specific information about setbacks. If you would like more specific information or if you have a question that's not answered here, please contact the Larimer County Planning Department at (970)498-7679 or send us email.

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