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What is the Difference Between a Management Plan and a Stewardship Plan?

Resource Management and Implementation Plans (RMIP) take about a year to complete and include many public meetings for input on draft versions of the plans. Typically all aspects of management (natural, cultural, agricultural, and recreation) are addressed in these comprehensive plans.

Stewardship Plans, also known as Initial Management Plans, address most of the same concerns as the RMIP However, because of timing involved with purchases that include due diligence to grant partners, we are not able to include a full public process for input on recreation among other things. Furthermore, because many of our open spaces contain rare habitat for some species, we also extensively survey the property. Because the public process is integral to the management of our open spaces, we will not open the property to public access until after we have had the opportunity to gain that critical input and the time to develop a full and comprehensive Resource Management and Implementation Plan.

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