Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Property: Smitherman Conservation Easement
Priority Area: Estes Valley (map)
Size: 520 acres

photo taken from Smitherman Conservation Easement

Smitherman provides another critical piece to the protection puzzle.
(Photo courtesy of the Estes Valley Land Trust)


The Smitherman conservation easement is not open to the public. The easement was purchased in order to protect a unique, naturally occurring and functioning Front Range wetland system. This property is located in the center of Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest and is also near more than 2,000 acres protected by Boulder County.

Property Information

Type of Acquisition #Acres Property
Bargain Sales
Conservation Easement 520.0 $ 520,000 Larimer Co. - $ 130,000
EVLT* - $ 130,000
GOCO** - $ 260,000
1998 No

* Estes Valley Land Trust
** Great Outdoors Colorado

Management Plan

When only the development rights of a property are purchased, as in the case of a conservation easement, any future development of that land is limited. The landowner continues to manage the property, and the land remains on the tax rolls. Land with a conservation easement is not generally open to the public because it is still in private ownership.

The Estes Valley Land Trust holds the conservation easement and also manages this property.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.