Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Property: Homer Rouse Memorial Trail
Priority Area: Estes Valley (map)
Size: 1.5 Miles


This trail utilizes an old right-of-way between Fish Creek and Lily Lake. It was a cooperative effort between the Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District and Larimer County. The Homer Rouse Memorial Trail is an important link in a major north/south trail system in Estes Valley by connecting to the Rocky Mountain National Park trails system on the south and Fish Creek on the north.

Homer Rouse served as a former superintendent at Rocky Mountain National Park. In the past, he donated his time to many conservation efforts in the Estes Park area and also served on the Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board and the Estes Valley Land Trust.

Take Hwy 34 west towards Estes Park. Then take Hwy 7 south all the way to Fishcreek Rd. The trailhead to the Homer Rouse Memorial Trail is located right at the start of Fishcreek Rd.

Management Summary

  Yes No Comments
Permit Required   *  
Trails *    
  • hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • horses
Restrooms *   Restrooms are located at Lily Lake Visitor Center
Drinking fountains *   Drinking fountains are located at Lily Lake Visitor Center
Dogs allowed *   Please leash your dog at all times and watch for links to trails on which dogs may not be allowed.

Management Plan

The Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District manages the Homer Rouse Memorial Trail.

Property Information

Type of Acquisition #Acres Property
Bargain Sales
Trail Construction 1.5 $ 40,000 Larimer Co. - $ 10,000
Estes Park - $ 30,000
1998 Yes
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