Mariana Butte Golf Course

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Visual Artist 2008 - Patty Hawkins

photo of Patty Hawkins

art by Patty Hawkins
Backbone - Patty Hawkins

Serving Larimer County as Visual Artist for 2008, is my opportunity to share Nature's beauty in my art quilts. They are fiber collages; fragments of ideas: lights and shadows of the day and seasons; rock formations; mountain contours and vast skies; particularly lights and darks in limited palette. My Screen printing and dyeing gives me unique fabrics, for creating organic markings and nuances of Nature, same as a painter uses tubes of paint. My focus is "introducing" the viewer to a scene; to the colorations, shapes, vastness of a locale. I want to share the diversity and beauty of Larimer County's Open Spaces and Parks, preserved and protected; inviting all to enjoy. It is a valuable Treasure to savor Nature's tranquility, away from the hectic pace of daily life.

Background Image: Mariana Butte Golf Course by Steve Moore. All rights reserved.