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County Projects

This page highlights current ongoing projects and initiatives within Larimer County.

Larimer County Strategic Plan

Larimer County is in the process of refreshing our Strategic Plan for the future. The process includes three phases: I-Visions & Goals; II-Strategic Plan; III-Work Plans; followed by evaluating our results on an ongoing basis. The process involves citizens, community leaders, elected offices, division heads, and employees. The goal is to develop and maintain a forward-looking vision which fosters effective decision making and is specific enough so that detailed tactical plans can be developed and maintained. The Strategic Planning Process ensures Larimer County moves toward a desired future.

Larimer County Strategic Plan

Plug in to Nature

Plug in to Nature

Plug in to Nature is a comprehensive analysis to determine effective ways to combat Nature Deficit Disorder in Larimer County. Research has demonstrated that kids with strong connections to the outdoors are healthier mentally and physically, smarter, more social, and more likely to have positive environmental attitudes in the future. Funded by Great Outdoors Colorado as an initiative stemming from their 2010 Strategic Plan, this project will engage the community to determine the current level of connections families feel for nature on conserved lands and parks throughout Larimer County. We would like your input on this project, and hope you will consider participating in our community survey, and public meetings.

Plug in to Nature Project

Killpecker (formerly: Bald Mountain) Communication Site Proposal (in 2014 The selected alternative became the Killpecker location)

Larimer County Law Enforcement is proposing a public safety radio facility to be built on Killpecker Mountain to make radio communications available to emergency services. A website has been set up for information on this proposal. The site contains the results of completed tests on communications coverage as well as pages for common questions, history, maps, discussion of issues, and other input and information. A subscription service is available to be notified automatically of updates.

Bald Mountain Project

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