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News Release

Delinquent Property Tax Statement Mailed

Department: Treasury
Release Date: Jul 11, 2017

Contact Information:

Irene Josey, Larimer County Treasurer, [970] 498-7027

Exactly 7,467 delinquent property tax statements for the property tax year 2016 payable in 2017 will hit mail boxes this week. If you have not paid your property taxes by this time, they are delinquent. 

Each year property owners have two options when paying their property taxes. If paying in full, the deadline is April 30th.  If paying in two equal installments, the first half is due February 28th and the second half is due June 15th.  Many property owners have a mortgage company submit payments on their behalf. All funds received by mortgage companies have been processed and posted at this time.
Interest will accrue on delinquent payments in accordance with the Colorado Revised State Statutes.  Taxpayers that submitted payment after July 5, 2017 may still receive a delinquent statement in the mail due to the printing and mailing process.
Property taxes and delinquent interest collected by the Larimer County Treasurer are distributed to the local taxing authorities, including cities and towns, fire districts and health districts. 
If you have questions regarding the status of your property taxes, please call the Larimer CountyTreasurer’s Office at 970-498-7020 or visit our website at
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