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News Release

Special Enforcement Actions and the Rainbow Family Gathering

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Department: Sheriff
Release Date: Jul 21, 2014

Contact Information:

Larimer County Sheriff's Office

On the weekend of 07/18/14, deputies of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office began several Special Enforcement operations in the area of northwestern Larimer County near Creedmore Lakes in response to the stabbings that occurred on 07/15/14 and concern about other potentially criminal activity among parties associated with the "Rainbow Family" gathering.

On Tuesday, 07/15/14, deputies responded to a report of a stabbing north of Red Feather Lakes on County Road 73C, and, after arriving, discovered four injured parties. The investigation led to charges against two of those individuals, and all four are believed to have been associated with the "Rainbow Family."

On Friday morning, 07/18/14, Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputies met with members of the "Rainbow Family" and advised them of impending Special Enforcement operations throughout the weekend. The parties they met with indicated that they would be leaving the area and would advise others to do so.  Many were observed departing the gathering throughout the day. That afternoon, deputies estimated there to be less than one hundred people at the gathering location. Through the course of several dozen contacts, one verbal warning was issued. Deputies in the gathering site were particularly looking at enforcement of health and environment regulations, to protect the children present and the Forest Service land. No criminal violations were observed on Friday.
On Saturday, 07/19/14, through the course of Special Enforcement operations, deputies contacted and arrested three individuals on warrants. These contacts were made through traffic enforcement on the public roadways, and the individuals were believed to be associated with the "Rainbow Family."
On Sunday, no Special Enforcement operations were conducted; however, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit has been focusing their patrols on the northwestern 287 corridor to the Wyoming border and the adjacent county roads.
Deputies believe the size of the "Rainbow Family" gathering to be dwindling, but will maintain an on-going presence and conduct more Special Enforcement operations as necessary. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office will continue to monitor the situation, and will protect the well-being of the community by enforcing all State of Colorado statutes and Larimer County regulations that protect the health of people, animals, and the environment. The Traffic Unit will continue to conduct directed patrols in the area until further notice.
County residents are encouraged to maintain vigilance and always use good judgment while recreating in Larimer County. Secure valuables and lock car doors when parking at trailheads, have a communication plan, and let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Suspicious activity can be reported to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office at (970) 416-1985. To report a crime or emergency, call 911.
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