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News Release

UPDATE - More Detailed Information - Larimer Commissioners Give Go Ahead to Next Step in County Strategic Plan

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Oct 23, 2013

Contact Information:

CONTACT: Linda Hoffmann, County Manager, 970-498-7004,
FROM: Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150,


The Board of Larimer County Commissioners (BCC) Tuesday (Oct. 22) adopted (3-0) 23 ‘Objectives’ for the County’s 5-year Strategic Plan. Tuesday’s action ends Phase II of the Plan and begins Phase III, Work Plans.
The Objectives, Phase II, adopted today are measurable and achievable. The next Phase III sees the implementation of work teams for each Objective. Working under the direction of the Goal Stewards and the County Manager, with guidance from the Executive Sponsors, these work teams will develop Work plans, action plans, to accomplish the objectives.
Goal 1: Safety and Well-Being - led by Goal Steward Gary Darling/Criminal Justice Services Director
Enhance the safety and well-being of our community by promoting a continuum of support and services to proactively address causal issues like Mental Health and Substance Abuse, integrated into the Criminal Justice system. 4 Objectives
Goal 2: Economic Development - led by Goal Steward Jacob Castillo, Workforce Center     Larimer County is a recognized center for supporting business by turning innovation into reality. We plan for improvement by encouraging smart business growth, more and better jobs. 3 Objectives
Goal 3: Fire & Water   - led by Goal Steward Terry Gilbert, Community Development Director
We proactively deal with threats from wildfire and floods. 4 Objectives
Goal 4: Transportation – led by Goal Steward Marc Engemoen, Public Works Director
We have an efficient transportation system and road network with safe and well-maintained roads and alternative modes of transportation. 4 Objectives
Goal 5: Collaborate - led by Goal Steward Kerri Rollins, Open Lands Manager
We have a culture of collaboration among towns, cities, businesses, non-profit organizations and citizens as the first choice strategy to accomplish the Vision and Goals. 2 Objectives
Goal 6: Operations – led by Goal Steward Lorenda Volker, Human Resources Director
Larimer County government operates with a collaborative culture, a well-managed budget and continuously improving processes. We have evaluated our practices and services for the way we fund and operate, and have a plan for improvement. 3 Objectives
Goal 7: Customer Service - led by Goal Steward Laura Walker, Human Services Deputy Director
Government services are customer-centric, accessible and transparent. We leverage technology for better/faster customer service, allowing many services to be done online. 3 Objectives
The Board, who are the Executive Sponsors of the Plan, initiated a Strategic Plan process in 2012 and last May adopted 5-year Vision & Goals, Phase I, for Larimer County. The BCC gathered input on the proposed Vision & Goals from elected officials at Larimer County, Community Leaders, citizens, and employees over a multi-month period. The refreshed Vision & Goals have a more external ‘Community’ focus than previous Strategic Plans. Visit the County’s web site, for a complete look at the Objectives listed under each Goal. 
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