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News Release

Larimer County - July 30, 2015 Deadline for High Park Fire Structure Clean-Up

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Aug 29, 2013

Contact Information:

CONTACT:Candace Phippen, Larimer County Building & Code Compliance, (970) 498-7724,;
Stephen Gillette, Solid Waste Director, (970) 498-5762,
FROM: Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150,


Larimer County has established July 30, 2015 as the deadline for homeowners impacted by the High Park Fire to clean up fire-damaged structures. This is a relaxation of normal county land use code rules for cleaning up properties, in consideration of the fact that homeowners in the fire area may need additional time.  
This deadline does not include the cleanup of burned trees or vegetation. This deadline will not impact private covenants that may have been established and that specify shorter clean-up deadlines. Concrete or partially burned lumber from structures or fences can be disposed of at the Larimer County landfill as regular trash, and does not require special handling or disposal fees. 
Please note: ash from burned homes can be considered a hazardous waste due to potential asbestos contamination, and must be treated as such. Disposal of building ash is now extended to December 31, 2014, although increased rates and requirements for wrapping of ash waste apply. After that date asbestos-free certification is required for it to be buried in the Larimer County Landfill. If the ash contains asbestos it must be disposed of in a facility designed to accept hazardous waste.  
Larimer County has existing codes under the Rubbish Ordinance and/or Land Use Code for removal of junk and debris on private property. Code compliance staff members have been instructed not to pursue complaints for junk and debris resulting from fire damage until the expiration of this deadline, unless there is an imminent life-safety issue connected with the complaint.
The July 30, 2015 deadline is consistent with the three-year rebuild program approved by the County Commissioners in July of 2012. The three-year rebuild program grants increased building and permitting flexibility to those rebuilding structures lost to the High Park Fire.
Larimer County continues to provide a multitude of long-term recovery services for High Park fire survivors. The County’s web site for information is:
And the County’s Fire Recovery Manager is Suzanne Bassinger, 970-498-7148,
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