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Larimer County Offices, Courts, District Attorney, Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste, and Recycle Center are all closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.
County Offices are also closed on Friday, November 27 while the Courts, District Attorney, Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste, and Recycle Center are open. Critical services at Larimer County will not be disrupted by this closure.

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Larimer County 101

One of the most educational and informative projects I've ever had the fortune to be involved in.
– Steve Shaffer

The next LC101 class is tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2016. Applications are generally available in late January. For further information contact Larimer County's Public Information Office, dlarue@​, 970-498-7150.

Larimer County 101: A Journey Through Larimer County Services is a series of classes offered to the public to provide an inside look at the workings of Larimer County government and the services we provide. Participants attend evening meetings once a week for three hours a night for nine weeks. County officials strive to keep the meeting interactive, asking participants to solve problems, ask questions, provide input, role play, do homework, and more.

The series culminates with a week-nine graduation night. You'll interact with Elected Officials and Larimer County staff and get to know other interested citizens. Anyone interested in knowing more about how your County operates is encouraged to attend.

2015 LC101 Participants

1. John Schroeer, 2. Tim Allen, 3. Bob Miller, 4. Phil Shaw, 5. Jim Lane, 6. Frank Johnson, 7. Mike Levy, 8. Don McDaniel, 9. John Bellinghousen, 10. Gabe Armstrong, 11. Jody Burrows, 12. Fay Hett, 13. Sharon McDaniel, 14. Ed Phillipsen, 15. Mel Wright, 16. Leo Yahna, 17. Joe Glomboski, 18. Vicky Splittgerber, 19. Bruce Croissant, 20. Barb Alexy, 21. Susan Mathre, 22. Leon Palmer, 23. Jan McNulty, 24. Susan Dale, 25. Mary Roppo Kaufman, 26. Julie Mueller, 27. Judy Gates, 28. Jan Kroger, 29. Steve Davison, 30. Kate Jeffrey, 31. Sharon Pride, 32. Jane Lederer, 33. Deni Davidson, 34. Cathy Hettleman, 35. Judy Davison, 36. Lee Fotsch, 37. Lorenda Volker, Assistant County Manager, 38. Commissioner Lew Gaiter III, 39. Commissioner Steve Johnson, 40. Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, 41. Tom Clayton, Public Information Assistant, 42. Linda Hoffmann, County Manager, 43. Commissioner Tom Donnelly; Participants Not Shown: Liz Good, Hank Leweling, James Raymond, Royce Webb
Larimer County 101: 2015 Attendees


The first LC101 class was held for 8 weeks in the spring of 2010. With 26 citizen participants, this inaugural class represented 11 different Larimer County communities. The 2015 class had 40 participants. Larimer County will continue to look for a broad cross-section of citizens to participate.

Topics include: Larimer County History; the Virtual Courthouse; how elections work; how land use decisions are made; navigating the criminal justice system; building and maintaining roads and bridges; you decide which engineering projects to fund!; understanding Human Services and hard decisions that need to be made; public health and inspecting restaurants; jobs and the Workforce Center; all about property taxes; the County Budget; where Extension fits in, and more.

Materials from LC101

2015 Materials

Prior Classes

LC 101 Attendees

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