Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Pavilions

  1. Alcohol?
    3.2% beer in cans only - no kegs
  2. Amenities?
    All areas have covered pavilions with picnic tables, grills, and electricity (exception: Sunrise and Lions Open Space do not have electricity. Hermit Park's electricity is from a generator.) Volleyball court and horseshoe pits are available at Flatiron Reservoir, South Shore, and Hermit Park Open Space (bring your own sports equipment: net, balls, horseshoes, etc.)
  3. Catering?
    You may bring your own caterer to any pavilion. There is no electricity at Sunrise or Lions Open Space. The power at Hermit Park Open Space is from a generator (might be teensy bit noisy). Caterers and rental companies delivering to your event do not have to purchase daily entrance permits. The vehicle must be identified as a business by logo, or by business card placed on the dashboard.
  4. Changing Rooms?
    Only at Horsetooth Reservoir South Bay which has changing rooms and an outside showers.
  5. Daily entrance permits?
    Required for every vehicle, except for caterers/rental companies making deliveries (those businesses must be identified by logo or by business card placed on dashboard.)
    • For Carter South Shore, Flatiron Reservoir, Horsetooth South Bay, and Hermit Park Open Space: purchase at the entrance stations.
    • For Horsetooth Sunrise: purchase at the Sunrise Day Use self-service station.
    • For Lions Open Space: no permits are required.
    • For pre-purchase: call 970.619.4570 to pre-arrange through the district manager.
  6. Decorations?
    Only temporary decorations may be used: no staples, nails, tape or permanent markings
  7. Event Tents & Chairs?
    Event tents are not allowed at Flatiron, South Bay, Sunrise, and Lions Open Space. Event tents of any size are allowed at South Shore and Hermit Park. There is no insurance requirement. You may bring your own chairs to meet your needs (for example, for weddings in the meadow at Hermit Park Open Space).
  8. Grills?
    All grills use charcoal.
  9. Music?
    Amplified music is allowed only at Carter South Shore, Flatiron Reservoir, and Horsetooth South Bay, and no where else. Acoustic music is allowed at all pavilions.
  10. Parking?
    Parking spots are in public parking lots. They are neither guaranteed or reservable. Carpooling is encouraged!
  11. Pets?
    Totally fine as long as leashed and attended.
  12. Photos?
    We'd love to share your day on our website! Please post photos online. Larimer County photographers may sometimes photograph events: Applicant consents to allow photographer on behalf of Larimer County to attend and photograph event. Photographs taken by Larimer County at event may be used in marketing, informational and educational materials, without compensation or further permission from the applicant, including the images of event attendees, including minors. Applicant shall notify attendees that Larimer County may take and distribute photographs of event and attendees.
  13. Public access?
    The group pavilion and associated amenities are reserved for your use. The public can not be excluded from other areas including restrooms, roads, parking lots, swim beaches, trailheads, etc. If you want exclusive use, you'll need apply for a Special Event Permit.
  14. Regulations?
    All standard park/open space regulations apply, including but not limited to: no noise disturbances to other visitors, no camping in pavilion areas, no off road parking.
  15. Restrooms?
    Horsetooth South Bay has a flush toilet. All other pavilions have clean, vault toilets.
  16. Setup, teardown, cleanup?
    Setup must occur within the day you have reserved, beginning no earlier than 8:00 AM.
    Teardown and clean-up must be completed by 9:30 PM of the day you have reserved.
  17. Throws?
    Flower petals and bubbles are okay; seeds and rice are not.
  18. Et-ce-ter-a?
    Flaming lanterns, jumping castles, dunk tanks, pony rides, or anything that may cause damage to the resource or disturbances to other visitors are not okay. Portable heaters for cold weather months are allowed.

Anything outside these parameters must go through special event process: or 970-619-4570.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.