News Release

Larimer County - Flood Debris Pick-Up Continues

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Dec 5, 2013


CONTACT: Stephen Gillette, Solid Waste Director, 970-498-5762,
FROM:Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, 970- 498-7150,


Debris pick-up from the Flood of 2013 continues in the mountainous areas of Larimer County. Larimer County has contracted with T.F.R Enterprises Inc. to pick up flood debris and the day by day schedule and map is located on the Larimer County web site, the Virtual Courthouse.
There are many variables to the debris pick up schedule such as weather, access, and debris amounts that will influence the pickup schedule. Most areas will get an 1st and 2nd pass and in areas where debris is excessive one additional pass may be necessary. This is a very fluid situation. T.F.R. is mapping debris piles in the affected areas daily. The mapped data is being used to determine pick-up schedules. Some areas will require additional pick-ups at later dates.
Important guidelines for debris removal:
- Woody and vegetative debris such as limbs and shrubbery
- Silt and mud residue that originates from within your private structures
- Construction & demolition debris including: household items such as furniture, carpet, drywall,  
   lumber, roofing material, etc.
- Metals and large household appliances
·         Materials that you want to keep should be removed from the right-of-way or marked with orange paint or ribbon or it will be removed.
Again, please check the Larimer County Web site   for specific information and updates on the debris removal process.