News Release

Larimer County 2013 Citizen Survey Results Released

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: May 22, 2013


Board of County Commissioners, 970-498-7010,
Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150,


What do Larimer County residents think about County services? According to the 2013 Larimer County Citizen Survey: (
Larimer County worked with Colorado State University’s Dr. Dave Gilliland on the scientific survey. Residents from throughout Larimer County were randomly chosen to complete the survey and asked to rate ‘importance’ and ‘performance’ for County services. The Board of Larimer County Commissioners not only uses the information for budget planning, to benchmark citizens’ opinions on Larimer County services, and, to identify areas of concern but also recently used the input in the County’s current Strategic Planning process, Planning for our Future. The survey reports are now available online at: