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Today's Planned Burning

This map shows planned open burns within Larimer County. If you see smoke in the area of one of the markers on this map, there is no need to report it, as it is a planned and known burn.

Map location not available: 2331 W Cty Rd 68C Red Feather Lakes 80545 SE 1/4 S-13 T-9N R-73W,,,,,,,,,, Elevation: 7500

Map location not available: 23500 Dakota Ridge Rd, Longmont 80540, NEĀ 1/4 NW 1, Longmont 80540, NE 1/4 NW 1/4 S-29 T-4N R-70W,, Elevation: 568x

Map location not available: 104 La Hermosa Bellvue 80512 Penosa Estates,,,,,,,, Elevation: 7200

Map location not available: North wellington and east to weld county, Elevation: 5000

Map location not available: NE 1/4 SE 1/4 S-32 T-5N R-72W,,,,, Elevation: 8000

Map location not available: 19754 RED FEATHER LAKE RD, RED FEATHER LAKES 80545, NE 1/4 S-36 T-10N R-73W, Parcel 30360-00-056,057,064 LOT: DNA FILING: DNA,,,,,,,,, Elevation: 8,000

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Upcoming Burns

Background Image: Loveland Bike Trail by Sharon Veit. All rights reserved.