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Deni La Rue - Community Information Manager

Photo - Deni Larue

Deni La Rue's primary job as Larimer County Community Information Manager is to serve as media and public information liaison for the Board of County Commissioners. With over 35 media entities serving Larimer County, and over 260,000 residents, it is important that county information is provided in a timely and accurate manner. When natural disasters occur this becomes even more imperative. Among other duties, Deni also writes, edits and reviews documents, promotes county programs, manages special projects, develops cable television programming, coordinates public outreach, facilitates media and organizational access to county officials, and tracks media coverage.

In late 1995 Deni began working for Larimer County gathering information on courts and jail facilities projects. She was hired as the Community Information Manager in 1997. She is a veteran award-winning northern Colorado radio broadcaster. She also has experience as a television host, freelance writer and narrator, and citizen volunteer for numerous organizations. Deni has a masters of science degree in Technical Communication and a bachelors degree in technical journalism from Colorado State University.

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