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CYF Mission Statement

Larimer County Department of Human Services, Children, Youth & Families Division (CYF) supports the right of children to be safe. We believe it is the whole community's responsibility to support and ensure the welfare of children.

Our goal, as partners with the community, is to provide access to information, assessment, intervention and services which support children remaining safe, stable and intact within their families and communities, while respecting the culture of each family.

CYF Value Statements

Children have the right to be safe. This is the top priority. Safety comes before any other value.

  1. Child placement is not the solution; it is part of the process to ensure safety.
  2. Caseworkers, in partnership with the community, have a responsibility to identify all possible resources that ensure family safety and functioning.
  3. The well being of children is a community issue/responsibility of which CYF is an important role.
  4. Parents are accountable/responsible for raising their children.
  5. Parents have a right to raise their children.
  6. Children have a right to a relationship with parents and kin.
  7. Kin have an obligation to help parents/children.
  8. CYF has a responsibility to respect individual family culture.

With this mission and these values as a centerpiece, the Larimer County Children, Youth and Families Division (CYF) is reshaping itself to become a premier Children, Youth and Family Division in the State.

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