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When You Have Concerns About Child Welfare Services

Resolving complaints or concerns informally is usually the best and quickest way to address conflicts. Informal resolution encourages you to speak directly to the person with whom you have an issue.

Steps You Should Take First

Set out below are the steps you should take to address complaints or concerns involving child welfare services provided by the Larimer County Department of Human Services.

  1. Talk to the worker directly about your concerns and attempt to resolve the conflict.
  2. If talking directly to the worker does not resolve the conflict, please contact the worker's supervisor and request a meeting with the worker and supervisor to discuss the concerns and find a resolution.
  3. If you find the meeting with the worker and supervisor did not solve the matter, please contact the deputy division manager. You may contact the main telephone number of the Child Welfare Division (970) 498-6990 (The Hub) and request the name of the worker's deputy division manager, or you may ask the worker's supervisor with whom you previously met. Once you have contacted the deputy division manager, please request a meeting with the deputy division manager, the supervisor and worker to discuss your concerns.
  4. If this meeting does not resolve your concerns, please call the Human Services Business Operations Coordinator, Ann Marie Grobarek, at (970) 498-6311. Ms. Grobarek will attempt to help you resolve the conflict.

How to Raise Your Complaint/Concern

You may contact us by telephone, fax, in person, mail or email. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email.
  • Your involvement with the complaint;
  • A brief description of your complaint;
  • Any action you are requesting;
  • The name(s) of the Larimer County Department of Human Services staff person(s) with whom you have discussed your concern, and what response you received.

The easiest way to be sure you provide all of the information we will need is to download the Department of Human Services Complaint Form. You can submit this form electronically or print it and send it in the mail.

What Happens with Your Complaint?

  • We will contact you and let you know your complaint was received within 24 hours during the business week.
  • We will inform you in writing if and how we can be of assistance.
  • If we cannot assist you, we will explain why and attempt to direct you to someone who can help.

How We May Help You Resolve the Concern or Complaint

The Business Operations Coordinator may do any of the following to help coordinate a resolution to the concern or complaint:

  • Discuss the complaint with the worker and/or supervisor and suggest a resolution;
  • Suggest a meeting with you, the worker and quality assurance staff to find a resolution to the complaint or concern;
  • Suggest a family meeting with attendance by others which may include the worker, supervisor, manager and quality assurance staff;
  • Discuss your concerns with any of the Department of Human Services division managers, administrators, or the director to help resolve the matter;
  • Arrange for a full review of your complaint which will include an objective review of documents and interviews with persons who have first-hand information about the matter, followed by an impartial assessment of all information.

Child Welfare Grievance Resolution Process

If, after the above steps have been taken, you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may request referral of your grievance to the state mandated Child Welfare Grievance Resolution Process. Please contact Ann Marie Grobarek for more information at (970) 498-6311.

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