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Child Protection Services & Programs

There are many services and programs provided to Children, Youth & Family Services (CYF) client families to help resolve the issues that have necessitated the opening of a CYF case. These services are not available to the general public, but instead are one of the array of services provided to CYF clients in order to prevent out of home placement, reunite children with their family, or reduce the level of out of home care that is needed by a child. The services and programs are:

  • Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
  • Day Treatment
  • Facilities Investigation Team (FIT) - Facility Investigation Team investigates alleged abuse/neglect in 24-hour licensed facilities such as foster homes, kinship homes, residential treatment centers RTCs, and child protection agencies CPAs. Day care homes and day care centers are also investigated if need be.
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • Life Skills
    • Life Skills & Supervised Parenting - Case aides work with families that have child protection concerns. Caseaides work on issues that brought the families to our attention through one on one work and in home services. Case aides help parents with developing parenting skills, nutrition, organization, cleanliness, budgeting, transportation, and housing issues to name a few. Life skills case service aides also provide supervised parenting time.
    • Parent Education Program - This program is available for parents who have an open case with CYF. Classes are held every Tuesday in Fort Collins and Wednesday in Loveland. These classes are held for eight weeks. Parents who miss more than one class will be dismissed. When a parent completes the class, an evaluation letter is given to the caseworker and the parent. One of its conditions is that when the caseworker feels there is a risk of domestic violence, he/she does not allow parents to attend together, but they can attend at different times or locations.
    • Mentors - Larimer County Human Services Volunteer Program
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment
  • Special Economic Assistance
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Youth Services

Caseworkers refer families to one or more of these services in order to help address problem areas and support areas of strength in the family.

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