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Paternity means fatherhood. If parents are married, the husband is considered to be the father of children born during the marriage. If parents are not married, it is important that paternity be legally established. Otherwise, the baby has no legal father.

Why should I establish paternity?

  • Identity – It is important to all of us to know who we are. All children have the right to know their mother and father; the right to a sense of belonging.
  • Money – both parents are required by law to support the child. It is not fair for just one parent to have the financial burden. Frequently, children supported by only one parent are poorer than children supported by both parents. They need child support. In order to get support, paternity must be established.
  • Medical history – You and your child need to know if he or she has inherited any special health problems. Also, it might be possible to obtain medical insurance for your child through the father's employer, union, or military service.
  • Benefits – The child has a right to benefits from either parent. These may include Social Security, insurance, veterans benefits, or inheritance rights.
Imagine Only Knowing...

Genetic testing is available at a very reasonable cost through our program. There is no charge if paternity is not established

Now is the time to resolve paternity issues.

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