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Child Support Enforcement

The Child Support Enforcement program was established by federal and state law to locate non-custodial parents and to obtain from them financial support for their children. The following services are provided:

Locate: Find the non-custodial parent and their assets

Paternity: Establish legal fatherhood for children

Medical support: Establish a medical support order

Obligation: Establish the legal support order

Enforcement: Collect the child support payments

Remedies: Legal enforcement tools:

  • Driver's License Suspension
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Income Attachments

The Child Support Program does not handle custody or visitation enforcement or other divorce issues.

What is Enforcement?

When a child support order has been obtained, the next step is to enforce the order. The primary goal is to ensure that monthly child support is paid. The child support program will issue an income assignment to the non-custodial parent's employer. The employer is asked to deduct the established child support amount directly from his/her wages. Federal law requires an income assignment

Other assets will be looked for and utilized if appropriate. If back child support is owed, both Federal and State Income tax returns will be intercepted. When payments are three months behind, the parent's drivers license will be suspended.

Additional information is available at the State of Colorado Child Support website.

A Father's Resource

A Father's Guide to Child Support to help understand how the child support system works.

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