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Diversion Program

Until further notice, the Benefits & Community Support Division of the Human Services department, will no longer offer assistance from the diversion program. The decision to suspend the program is due to budget allocations and funding.

This program can provide emergency financial assistance to help adult family members start or maintain employment. For example, this assistance could include funds to purchase special uniforms or tools, or pay for a one-time car repair to provide transportation to work. This program does not normally cover any shelter expenses. Special County Diversion is available to families not eligible for TANF, who are in crisis and may need emergency assistance with expenses for family preservation. An interview is required for these programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Meet all eligibility requirements for TANF (Colorado Works, basic cash assistance) except income or resources. (TANF must be denied).
  • Income must be below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Have dependent children under 18 in the home.
  • Meet or exceed the federally mandated work participation requirements of 22 hours a week for families with children under age four and 32 hours a week for families with children aged four and up.
  • Have a specific need directly relating to accepting a bona fide job offer or maintaining employment and community resources are not available to cover the cost.
  • The adult family members cannot have an IPV conviction; household caused claim in any public assistance program (Food Stamps, TANF, CCAP, etc.)
  • Households are required to: submit a monthly budget statement as part of the assessment; sign an IRC (Contract between participants and county); and complete activities as assessed necessary to empower their family to sustain basic needs without TANF.


If you get help from the Diversion Program, you will work with a specialist to develop self supporting goals and enter into a contract called an Individual Responsibility Contract (IRC). The IRC must be signed by you. It is a legal contract. If you choose not to follow through, you will have to pay back the assistance.


You may be disqualified from this program if you have ever had an intentional program violation or household caused claim for any public assistance program.

For additional information about the Diversion Program, email the Benefits Information Center or call (970) 498-6300. Se Habla Espaņol.

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