Larimer County Mountain pass in Summer
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This page contains links to information that is currently important to Larimer County residents. The information is time sensitive, open to public comment, or just plain useful right now. The contents of this page will change on a regular basis.

Explore Your Open Spaces! Win Cool Prizes!

Larimer County Passport to Your Open Spaces Larimer County Department of Natural Resources invites you to explore your county’s amazing, scenic open spaces using a new passport as your guide. Stop by the kiosks at trailheads for Larimer County’s open spaces to pick up a passport brochure and start your adventure.

For the passport program, the Department of Natural Resources placed posts on eight open spaces. Two posts were placed on each open space in easy (short hike) and hard (long hike) locations. Each post has a plaque affixed to it with a unique image. Place your passport over the plaque and make a rubbing of the image to “stamp” your passport. Collect rubbings to win cool prizes!

The Larimer County Passport to Your Open Spaces is open to people of all ages and is sponsored by the Friends of Larimer County Parks and Open Lands, REI and Zamar Screen Printing, Inc.

To learn more about the passport program, including info on prizes and where you can get a passport brochure, visit

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