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Dumpsters Available For The High Park And Woodland Heights Burn Areas - Ends July 26, 2013

Larimer County received a grant from the Denver Foundation in the amount of $45,000 to place large roll off dumpsters in the High Park and Woodland Heights burn areas for structure debris removal. The grant came through the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Since the fire was contained, many volunteers have been assisting in structure debris removal. One such group, the Southern Baptist Connection Disaster Relief volunteers have played a large role in this process. A continuing issue has been getting the debris out of the burn area. This new grant will allow volunteers to move the debris directly from the site into containers to then be transported to the landfill. In addition, sites where debris has been contained, but not moved out, can now go into containers and be moved out.

  • For debris collected yet left on the property owners land, property owners should call the landfill at 970-498-5767 and coordinate with them to have dumpsters placed at or near the property so the debris can be loaded into the dumpsters by the property owner.
  • We are aware that there are many locations we can't get dumpsters into due to rough terrain. In those cases a dumpster will be placed as close as possible.
  • Please note that these dumpsters will be available to all areas of the High Park and Woodland Heights burn areas until the funds are exhausted. Priority for distribution will be for uninsured and under insured homeowners.
  • Only structure ash debris should be placed in the dumpsters and please note that the dumpsters need to be sealed with duck tape by the property owner before transport.

For more information please contact Rita Trostel at the Larimer County Landfill, 970-498-5767, beginning Monday, August 27, 2012 between 8am-4:30p.m. (M-F). Program ends July 25, 2013

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