Dream Lake iced over - RMNP

Larimer County Offices, Courts, and Landfill are all closed on Monday, Sept. 5, 2016 for the Labor Day Holiday. Critical services at Larimer County are not interrupted by closures. Critical services at Larimer County are not disrupted by closures.

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Monitoring Diseases Transmitted to People by Animals and Insects

Services Provided:

  • Consultation and investigation of wild and domestic animal bites for rabies; testing of wild animals, if available, when human bites have occurred.
  • Notification and awareness when plague has been found in an area.
  • Assessing risk of West Nile West Nile Virus infection.
  • Education and consultation on current risks in the community for animal and insect spread diseases.
  • Raising awareness and community education on Tularemia.

We also monitor for and alert residents of precautions related to Hanta Virus, ticks, and other diseases.

Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.