Changing Aspen Leaves - RMNP

Larimer County Offices, Courts, District Attorney, Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste, and Recycle Center are all closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.
County Offices are also closed on Friday, November 27 while the Courts, District Attorney, Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste, and Recycle Center are open. Critical services at Larimer County will not be disrupted by this closure.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Larimer County GIS Digital Data

The following files are available for download and are in an ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.1 personal geodatabase format. All datasets are considered "works in progress" and may not represent actual conditions in the field. These datasets are being made available "as-is". Larimer County makes no claims as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Datasets noted as "LETA" are maintained by and provided to Larimer County by the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority. All datasets except PLSS and Environmental are updated every 2 weeks.

GIS_BaseData Feature class
Airport (polygon) Airport
Emergency Medical Service Boundary LETA (polygon) EMSDist
Fire Response Boundary LETA (polygon) FireDistrict
Landmarks (points) Landmark
Larimer County Parks and Open Space (polygon) ParksOpenSpace
Law Enforcement Boundary LETA (polygon) LawLETA
Railroad (arc) Railroad
Road Centerline LETA (arc) RoadE911
GIS_Boundaries Feature class
City Boundaries LETA (polygon) CityLETA
Commissioner District Boundaries (polygon) BoundaryBOCC
Voter Precincts (polygon) VoterPrecinct
Zoning (polygon) Zoning
GIS_Cadastral Feature class
Address - Property site address based on Assessor data (points) Address
Blocks (polygon) Block
Lots (polygon) Lot
Subdivision Boundaries (polygon) Subdivision
Tax Exempt Parcels (polygon) TaxExempt
GIS_Hydrology Feature class
Flood Plain (polygon) FloodPlain
Lakes/Ponds (polygon) Lake
Rivers/Streams (arc) Stream
GIS_ParcelOwner Feature class
Parcels with Assessor Owner Table Attributes (polygon) ParcelOwner
GIS_PLSS Feature class
Quarter Sections (polygon) Qsection
Sections (polygon) Section
Township/Range (polygon) Township
GIS_Environmental Feature class
GeologicHazard (polygon) GeologicHazard
WildFire (polygon) WildFire
Background Image: Changing Aspen Leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park by Jeremy Hollis. All rights reserved.