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Foster Parenting

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Foster parents provide temporary care of a child or children while supporting family and agency efforts to reunify the parents with their children. Most children served by the agency remain at home, but for those children whose safety requires temporary removal, the goal is always to reunite the family.

Larimer County needs foster families to serve children of all ages and their families. The children most in need of your help are adolescents, siblings who wish to stay together in foster care, and children with special needs. If you can help, contact Kristy DeAnda right now.

Many foster parents hold the hope of adopting a child. For some foster families this is possible. All families are initially certified exclusively for foster care. In the event that a child or children in their care is unable to return to her/his parents, that foster home may be asked to be the permanent family for the child or children.


All legal residents 21 years of age or older are eligible to apply to become foster parents. You should have a stable income and health sufficient to support your family.


Our hope is that every child who enters our care leaves with more healthy adults in her/his life than when s/he came in. To that end,we go to great lengths to help our foster families:

  • Provide a home with structure, nurturance, and guidance for a child in crisis
  • Support the agency’s work toward reuniting the child and parents
  • Protect and maintain the child’s best interests
  • Form a healthy, lasting bond with the child and her/his family

Supports and Benefits

Larimer County provides:

  • Financial support to assist with additional costs, including Medicaid coverage for all children who enter foster care
  • Education/Support Groups
  • Substantial training and educational resources
  • Rewarding and enriching relationships and experiences
  • Every foster family is assigned a foster care worker to help them achieve their goals


For all children who enter foster care, promptly achieving stability and lasting family connections is the top priority of the agency. Adoption from foster care occurs when all efforts to reunite parents with their child or children have been exhausted. Families that partner with Larimer County are initially certified for foster care. If a child in their care is unable to return to her/his parents or to live with extended family, then that foster family is typically asked to consider becoming an adoptive family for that child.


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