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Flood 2013 Recovery Information

Planning and Building

Any applications/forms can be completed and emailed (along with any additional documentation) to or printed out and mailed or brought to the Building Department.

Up to $12,500 is available per property to repair or replace an on-site wastewater system damaged in the September 2013 flooding. No work done prior to October 27, 2014 is reimbursable.

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment has received a $1.3 million dollar grant through the Colorado Department of Public Health, Water Quality Control Division's Natural Disaster Grant Fund to assist with the repair or replacement of on-site wastewater treatment systems impacted by the September 2013 flooding. The Natural Disaster Grant Fund was provided by HB14-1002 and issued to entities in counties where the governor declared a disaster emergency.

Damaged wastewater systems can cause contamination to rivers and streams by allowing high levels of nutrients to enter the waterways, damaging aquatic life and posing a potential threat to downstream users of the water. The goal of the grant is to ensure that wastewater systems are restored to working order to protect water quality in Larimer County.

Up to $12,500 is available per property to repair or replace an on-site wastewater system damaged in the September 2013 flooding. The funds cannot be used for work that has already been completed, no work done prior to October 27, 2014 is reimbursable. Property owners must complete an application and submit it to the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment through either the Fort Collins or Estes Park office. An Environmental Health Specialist will visit the property to determine if the property is eligible for the grant, and provide guidance for the next steps in the repair.

For more information, or to get a copy of the application please contact Larimer County Environmental Health at (970) 577-2050 or visit the Department of Health and Environment – Septic Systems.

Flood 2013 Abatement of Dangerous Buildings Program

Larimer County and its agents may need to access your property in order to remove unsafe structures. If you have not already returned a Right of Entry form to the County, please complete this form and return it to the Larimer County Building Official.

Fill out this form to appeal a finding of a dangerous building by the Larimer County Building Official. Please return this form to the Larimer County Building Official by:

Self-Report Damage Assessment Form and Inspection Requests

Larimer County damage assessment teams are determining the conditions of homes and other structures damaged by the flood. These assessments will continue over a period of time as areas become more accessible. The County damage assessments are more involved than initial field work conducted by FEMA and the Red Cross. These assessments include preliminary exterior structural inspections to help property owners identify potential hazards and determine if homes can be occupied or are unsafe and should not be entered. You are encouraged to report damage to your property as this will aid the assessment teams in their work.

You can also request a damage assessment inspection if you have not yet had one or if you require a more detailed inspection. There is no fee for a damage assessment inspection.

You may complete a self-report damage assessment form or request an inspection by completing the form and emailing it or printing it out and mailing or bringing it into the Building Department. Faxes are also accepted at (970) 498-7667. If available, please attach post-flood photographs of your site with the Assessment form.

If you have questions about this form, please call (970) 498-7699 or email the Building Department at

Temporary Emergency Housing Units

On October 9, 2013, an amendment to the Larimer County Land Use Code was approved to provide temporary measures to assist residents and businesses affected by a major disaster in rebuilding efforts ("Rebuild Program"). For the duration of the Rebuild Program, a property owner may obtain a permit for temporary emergency housing and temporary emergency accessory structures upon compliance with the Rebuild Program conditions. View the temporary emergency housing units handout for complete information.

If you have questions, call the Larimer County Building Department at (970) 498-7699 or email

Inspections for Flood-damaged Boilers

Steve Nelson, State Chief Boiler Inspector with the Colorado Department of Labor, Oil and Public Safety, advises owners to not attempt to re-energize or re-start equipment until it has been inspected by a qualified service technician. Refer to the equipment manufacturer for guidance on flood recovery. The electrical systems and controls must be thoroughly dried out. Check and test the controls — they may require replacement; all replacement controls must meet CSD-1 requirements. Fuel lines should be checked and drained of any accumulated moisture. Burners should be removed and cleaned. If the controls are okay, you may be able to safely fire the boiler on low fire to dry the refractory. The newer, high-tech condensing boilers may be a total loss. Contact the manufacturer or their local representative for guidance.

If you need assistance, or have discovered a state-registered boiler that has been overtaken by either flood waters or sewage back-up as a result of a compromised sanitary sewer system, contact Greg Johnson, Division of Oil and Public Safety, at (303) 318-8536 or

Home Reconstruction

Larimer Home Improvement Program

The Larimer Home Improvement Program is available to all of Larimer County and is administered by the Loveland Housing Authority. The Program offers low to no interest rate loans to income qualified families looking to repair or improve their homes. Learn more »

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