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Traffic Volumes

The Larimer County Traffic Section is responsible for counting traffic on the mainline county road system.

Standard traffic counts are taken using counters with rubber tubes stretched across the entire roadway. The counting stations are in place for a minimum of three days. The counts are recorded are bi-directional and represent a 24 hour period. These raw traffic counts can be adjusted to account for truck traffic and seasonal variations in traffic. The counts are typically taken on all legs of significant intersections. Roads are recounted on a two to five year cycle. Traffic count history for many roadway sections extends back to 1984.

The Traffic Section is also able to perform various special purpose counts including vehicle classification counts (identifying types of vehicles), hourly traffic counts (traffic volumes recorded hourly) and intersection turning movement counts. Due to the special equipment and personnel required for these types of counts, requests are prioritized and counts scheduled as people and equipment are available.

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