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Special Transportation Permits

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A Larimer County Special Transportation Permit is required when legal limits are exceeded for any given vehicle dimension, loaded or unloaded, traveling on roads in public rights-of-way or that will directly affect the traveling public in Larimer County. These permits are issued for travel on roads in unincorporated Larimer County only. Permits for roads incorporated into any city or town, or any state highway are permitted through the city, town, or through the State of Colorado, respectively. Criteria for Special Transport Permits include the height, width, length, and weight of the vehicle plus the load. Larimer County reserves the right to require inspection of designated routes and any load before and after transport, and escort by a County inspector during transport. Fees may be assessed for inspector time. A Larimer County escort does not replace any requirement for pilot vehicles.

County Maintained Subdivision Streets
GID (General Improvement District) Streets

A Traffic Control Plan, developed by a certified traffic control company, must be submitted for all work performed within public rights-of-way, or that will directly affect the traveling public in Larimer County. Traffic Control Plan Approval Form [pdf, 21 Kb]



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