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Last Updated:  April 11, 2013

Larimer County adopted a stormwater fee beginning January 1, 2009, within the unincorporated portions of the Boxelder Service Area. These fees are being remitted to the Authority on an annual basis to fulfill the monetary obligation of Larimer County to the Authority.

Stormwater Development (or System) Fee

Stormwater Development (or System) development fees are one-time fees which are assessed in connection with construction of new impervious area or new development of property within the Service Area. The stormwater fees for new residential structures are:

      Type of Building             Fee      
Single Family Residence1 $400.00
Mobile Home in Park $300.00
Mobile Home on Individual Lot $340.00
Duplex $400.00 per unit
Apartment/Condominium Complex $400.00 per unit

1Includes properties classified as agricultural by County Assessor.

The stormwater fees for new commercial or industrial structures are calculated based upon a base system development fee rate of $0.20 per square foot of new impervious area.

Stormwater User Fee

The stormwater user fee in unincorporated Larimer County is based on the amount of impervious surface on a property. An impervious surface is one that doesn't readily allow water to infiltrate; this includes roofs, porches, parking lots, garages, driveways, patios, and hard surfaces such as packed dirt and gravel areas. The amount of impervious surface on a developed property relates to the amount of runoff leaving each property during a major storm.

Records from the County Assessor's office, extensive measurements from aerial photographs, and site visits were used to determine the average amount of impervious surface for properties of various sizes. In order to account for the rural nature of unincorporated Larimer County, the impervious surface amount was adjusted to reflect differences between various surfaces: solid surfaces (such as roofs and asphalt) are much more impervious than dirt and gravel.

For developed residential and agricultural land uses, properties are categorized based upon parcel size. The table below shows the fees for each category. Larger properties typically have more impervious surfaces (larger or more structures, longer driveways etc.) and correspondingly higher fees. However, some very large properties have decreasing fees to reflect the fact that some runoff from impervious surfaces infiltrates within the property before entering the drainage system.

Stormwater Fees for Developed Residential and Agricultural Properties

Lot Category
Lot Size
(Square Feet or Acres)

Annual Fees
Monthly Equivalent
of Annual Fee
Mobile Home In Park $62.00 $5.20
Small <8,000 sf (or Condo) $75.00 $6.20
Medium >8,000 sf-14,000 sf $83.00 $6.90
Large >14,000-½ Acre $91.00 $7.60
Very Large >½ Acre-5 Acres $97.00 $8.10
>1 Acre-5 Acres $86.00 $7.20
>5 Acres-20 Acres $75.00 $6.30
>20 Acres $65.00 $5.40

For developed commercial and industrial properties, the yearly fee is computed by multiplying the Stormwater Service Fee Rate of $ 0.0277 times the total amount of impervious area on each affected property, taking into account the degree of imperviousness of surfaces.

Fees are billed in arrears. For 2012 fees, being billed in early 2013, Pinnacle Consultanting Group, Inc. is sending out and processing the billings for Larimer County. Questions related to fee statements can be directed to (970) 669-3611 or e-mailed to

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