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Engineering Department Phone List

Engineering Department Office
P.O. Box 1190
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3000
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Main Office (970) 498-5700
Fax (970) 498-7986
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   County Engineer Mark Peterson, P.E. (970) 498-5714 Send e-mail
   Assistant County Engineer Rusty McDaniel, P.E. (970) 498-5730 Send e-mail
   Business Operations Manager Linda Sanders (970) 498-5722 Send e-mail
   Accounting Technician II Vicky Citrino (970) 498-5726 Send e-mail
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Construction Manager III Erich Purcell (970) 498-5733 Send e-mail
   Construction Manager II Darrell Morrell (970) 481-3845 Send e-mail
   Construction Manager II Gabe Routzahn (970) 567-1564 Send e-mail
   Construction Manager I Jason Fagette Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician II (Permits) Scott Hamilton (970) 498-5709 Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician II David Maples Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician I Chris Braeger Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician II Michelle Jenkins (970) 498-5719 Send e-mail
Design and Access/Utility Coordination
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Project Engineer Ron Winne, P.E. (970) 498-5713 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Joe Temple, P.E. (970) 498-5717 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Brian Fraaken, P.E. (970) 498-5718 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Kyle Arend, P.E. (970) 498-5734 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Matt Johnson, P.E. (970) 498-5724 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Brian O'Donnell (970) 498-5721 Send e-mail
   Project Engineer Morgan Fay, PE (970) 498-5739 Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician II John Olivas (970) 498-5708 Send e-mail
Development Review, Drainage and Floodplains
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Development Services Manager Traci Shambo, P.E. (970) 498-5701 Send e-mail
   Development Services Engineer Eric Tracy, P.E. (970) 498-5729 Send e-mail
   Development Services Engineer Clint Jones, P.E. (970) 498-5727 Send e-mail
   Environmental Coordination Specialist Shelly Bayard de Volo (970) 498-5738 Send e-mail
   Civil Engineer Crystal Lesmeister (970) 498-5732 Send e-mail
Right of Way
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Senior Land Agent Charlie Johnson (970) 498-5725 Send e-mail
   Land Agent Tim Meyer (970) 498-5728 Send e-mail
   Land Agent Alex Castino (970) 498-5710 Send e-mail
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Land Surveyor Brian Helminiak, P.L.S (970) 498-5704 Send e-mail
   Engineering Technician II Kevin Cornell (970) 498-5706 Send e-mail
Traffic Services
                 Job Title                           Name          Phone Number    E-Mail   
   Transportation Program Manager Suzette Mallette (970) 498-5731 Send e-mail
   Traffic Operations Manager Bill Gleiforst (970) 498-5707 Send e-mail
   Traffic Technician Kevin Tucker (970) 498-5658
   Traffic Technician Gerald Sandoval (970) 498-5658
   Engineering Intern Tyler Davis Send e-mail


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