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North Shields Street (County Road 17) Corridor Improvements

Larimer County Project No. 301
Replacement of Bridge No. 17-0.5-48 over the Poudre River and
Road Reconstruction of North Shields Street (County Road 17) from the Arthur Ditch to Willox Lane

Last Updated:  February4, 2015


North Shields Street (County Road 17) is a major arterial connection between Fort Collins and northern portions of unincorporated Larimer County. Concerns on this stretch of roadway include:

  • Structurally deficient* and narrow river bridge with poor roadway approaches
  • Heavy vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic
  • No turn lanes
  • Poudre River Trailhead poorly defined
  • No safe parking
  • No bicycle/pedestrian facilities
  • High number of access points
  • Relatively high number of accidents

Larimer County has applied for and received three federal grants to make improvements to North Shields Street (County Road 17) from just north of Vine Drive to Willox Lane in northwest Fort Collins. One grant is to replace the bridge over the Poudre River, another is to make improvements to Shields Street between the Arthur Ditch and Willox Lane and the third is to provide a trailhead/parking area for the Poudre River Trail.


Construction is in full swing. City of Fort Collins crews began work in early December on the installation of a new sewer main and future electric/communications duct bank running north from Vine to Willox street.

Duran Excavating is performing the bridge and road construction for Larimer County. Their crews began work on February 2nd. The river bridge deep foundation caisson drilling is complete and work on the abutments and pier columns continues. The Arthur Ditch concrete box culvert is complete except for parrapet walls, railing and sidewalk. Roadway construction south of the river is also underway. Utility new construction and relocation work continues along the length of the project.

The County is excited about the start of this project and look for a completion in August.


This is an important component of the project and County staff encourage input and feedback from citizens.

Project Newsletters will be posted when new information is available.


Open House #1 - 6-16-2011

A pre-design open house was held June 16, 2012, to gather initial input. Open house materials:

Open House #2 - 8-8-2012

A design open house was held August 8, 2012, to gather input. Open house materials:


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