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2:12 PM
Mar 4 2015

Sign up for Emergency Alerts by visiting and selecting
Emergency Alerts Sign-up on

The Emergency Alerts System is a tool used to call you if there was an emergency in your area. You can sign up multiple contact devices for us to reach you by cell phone, text, home phone, work phone, and email. You can also sign up with multiple addresses, your home, your work, your kids school, your parent's house. This system allows us to reach you, wherever you are, if there was an emergency impacting your address.

We recently updated the Emergency Alerts System and the system will automatically send weather alerts for Larimer County or other community alerts like ongoing Emergency Event Updates offered previously as a web service by Larimer County. Larimer County is sun setting their Emergency Event subscription service and will only be sending alerts through the LETA Emergency Alerts System.

To take advantage of the new features create an account with LETA or log into your existing LETA account and select My Alert Subscriptions and sign up for the added Weather and Community Alerts offered by our Government Partners. Please act now to be prepared.


If we can't REACH you, we can't ALERT you.


   Information provided by the Emergency Management Office

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