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Larimer County Elections

Guidelines for Data Purchased

Clerk Policy

Review the guidelines below to order voter registration data from the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. When you are ready to make your request, please complete and sign the Request Order Form, print it and send it to our office by mail or fax at:

Larimer County Elections Department
P.O. Box 1547
Fort Collins, CO 800522
Fax: (970) 498-7847
Phone: (970) 498-7820 (email)

No order will be processed without a written request through the County Clerk's office. This request must be by letter or fax and signed by the person ordering. Please list billing address and phone number.

The data is guaranteed for one week only. Please review information immediately upon receipt.

  • Social Security numbers and date of births are now confidential according to state law and will not appear in any data.
  • Voters who have requested a confidential status will not appear on the list.
  • Data is sorted by voter name, any additional or different sorting must be done by the purchaser.

Items Available For Purchase

Voter Registration List in text file format – $50.00
Current list of voter records with voter history and district information in text file format.
Available for purchase by County or by a specific District (ex: City of Fort Collins)

Voter Registration List in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel – $65.00
Current list of voter records with voter history and district information in either an Access database or Excel spreadsheet.
Available for purchase by County or by a specific District (ex: City of Fort Collins)

Election Results (Abstract) – $50.00 for a complete abstract. $.25 per page for any portion.
Election results for a specific election. Abstracts beginning with the 2008 General Election are available on our website under the "Past Elections" tab for no charge and may be printed or saved.

Mail (Absentee) Records – $100.00 per election
Mail ballot requests and mail ballot returns.
*Upon request, Early Voting elector names will also be included once Early Voting starts, at no additional charge.
Electronic file that lists voters receiving a mail ballot for a specific election. Voter lists can be requested for the entire county or for a particular voting district within the county.


Maps are available free of charge as downloadable .pdf files from Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • Commissioner Districts with Voter Precincts (entire county)
  • Voter Precinct Maps (North Front Range and South Front Range)
  • House and Senate District Maps (available by district)
  • Other County Maps

To purchase a printed copy, visit GIS for details on how to place an order.

Document Certification$1.00

Photocopies$.25 per page

Items "filed" with the County Clerk – $.25 per page


Any research done by the Election office is charged at $20.00 per hour, $10.00 per hour, $5.00 per 15 minutes. An estimate is given in advance of the work.

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