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Do You Want To Be An Election Judge?

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If you are interested in being an election judge for the November 4, 2014 General Election, please read the following and complete the 2014 Larimer County Election Judge Application below (even if you have served before as a judge).

Larimer County hires Election Judges to:

  • Assist and direct voters, register voters, verify voter identification, update voter information in the electronic database, and issue replacement ballots at voter service and polling centers
  • Perform data entry and answer phones in our office
  • Monitor drop-off ballot boxes
  • Visit healthcare facilities to deliver ballots and assist voters
  • Transport ballot boxes and supplies
  • Process mail ballots
  • Count ballots

Larimer County pays $10 per hour for working and for training.

Election Judge Requirements

Colorado Revised Statutes Section 1-6-101(2) establishes qualifications for election judges. To be an election judge, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A United States citizen
  • A registered voter in Larimer County
  • Mentally and physically able to perform and complete the assigned tasks
  • Free of any conviction for election fraud, fraud, or any other election offenses
  • Not related to any candidate on the ballot
  • Willing to attend a paid mandatory training class

Be advised that some of the following abilities and tasks may be required:

  • Lift up to 32 pounds
  • Perform tasks in a busy and stressful environment for approximately 14 hours (on Election Day)
  • Understand and read English
  • Sit and/or stand for long periods of time
  • Follow very specific directions and abide by legal requirements completely
  • Have basic knowledge of computers and be able to learn to use the electronic database (includes accurately searching, inputting, and retrieving data)

Note: Please be advised

All election judges must have a Social Security card in their possession in order to work for Larimer County. Beginning August 14, 2014, the local Social Security offices will no longer issue these cards. If you do not have a card in your possession, you will need to apply for one either online at: or by phone at: 1(800) 772-1213. Remember, if you do not have a physical card you can provide to us, you cannot serve as an election judge for Larimer County.

For more information regarding specific Larimer County election judge positions:

Download and print the brochure, Larimer County 2014 Election Judge Information

Apply to be an election judge:

Download, print, and mail in a 2014 Larimer County Election Judge Application

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