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County Departments

Organization Chart
Elected Officials

Area Code 970  

Departments and Offices

Alternative Sentencing Department Allows offenders to serve court ordered sentences in work release, midweek/weekend programs, electronic home detention or community service. 980-2600
Assessor Responsible for valuing all real and personal property for property tax purposes. Elected Office 498-7050
Board of County Commissioners Sets policies and manages the business affairs of the county. Elected Office 498-7010
Budget Preparation and management of the annual county budget and capital program. 498-7017
Building Handles building permits and building inspections. 498-7700
Clerk and Recorder Marriage licenses, real estate transactions, voter registration, elections, license plates. Elected Office
Community Corrections Works to reintegrate felony offenders into the local community. 498-7530
Community Development Handles land use planning and zoning, rural land use, building permits and building inspections. 498-7683
Coroner Investigates any death that does not occur from natural causes. Elected Office 619-4517
County Attorney Represents the county in legal matters. 498-7450
County Manager Serves as the chief operating official of the county and is responsible for all county departments, other than those of the other county elected officials. Also includes the Commissioners' Office staff. 498-7010
Criminal Justice Services Monitors the overall Criminal Justice process across the entire public safety system, including Community Corrections, Alternative Sentencing and the Detention Center. 498-2671
District Attorney Enforces the criminal laws of the State of Colorado. Elected Office 498-7200
Emergency Management Plans and directs emergency procedures from natural disasters. 498-5310
Engineering Planning and designing of public works projects 498-5700
Extension Disseminates research based, practical information concerning horticulture, composting, nutrition, food safety, money management, livestock, agriculture, parenting and 4-H. 498-6000
Facilities Manages and maintains the buildings and grounds owned by Larimer County. 498-5900
Fairgrounds/The Ranch Manages The Ranch (the Fairgrounds and Events Complex) and conducts the annual Larimer County Fair and Rodeo. 619-4000
Finance and Sales Tax Responsible for financial accounting and reporting for Larimer County. Provides sales tax licensing and rate information. 498-5930
Fleet Services Maintains fleet of county vehicles and road equipment and provides preventative maintenance program. 498-5690
Health and Environment (Health Department) The Health Department provides services to protect and promote the health of people in Larimer County. 498-6700
Human Resources Responsible for payroll, benefits, and all human resources requirements for employees. 498-5970
Human Services Operates programs for low income, elderly, disabled and minority residents, providing financial assistance for shelter, food and medical care. Individual and family programs protect adults and children, help people to become employed and assist youth and families in properly handling their family and community conflicts. 498-6300
Information Technology Oversees data processing, telecommunication, GIS, and printing services. 498-5090
Natural Resources Manages the outdoor recreational areas in Larimer County, performs weed control, and forestry management. 619-4570
Public Trustee Processes documents pertaining to Foreclosures of Deeds of Trust and Release of Deeds of Trust. 498-7453
Public Works Road improvements, landfill and waste management, parks, county facilities, natural resources, and forestry management. 498-5740
Purchasing Provides centralized purchasing of goods and services for county departments. 498-5955
Risk Management Provides safety information and administers claims for people involved in accidents on county property. 498-5961
Road and Bridge Maintains and directs capital improvements to paved and non-paved County roads and bridges. 498-5650
Sheriff Responsible for law enforcement services in the unincorporated areas of the county. Elected Office 498-5100
Solid Waste Responsible for integrated solid waste management, including landfill and waste transfer station operations, household and small business hazardous waste management, and recycling. 498-5760
Surveyor Responsible for representing the county in boundary disputes. Elected Office 498-7319
Treasurer Responsible for the collection of property taxes and management of public funds. Elected Office 498-7020
Veterans Service Assistance to military veterans living in Larimer County. 498-7390
Workforce Center Provides employment and training services to residents of Larimer County. 498-6600

Additional Location and Agencies

Loveland Offices County offices located in Loveland.  
Estes Park Offices County offices located in Estes Park.  
Courts District Court, County Court. (970) 494-3500
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